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James Rose- Realise! Project: the results

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 14/10/2012

Our View Project Person, James Rose has completed his film commission for Realise! James has shared a few words about the project- and the links to the films. They are definitely worth a watch (and...

Liz Porter- Creative Landscapes

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 10/10/2012

This is a portrait photo of Liz Porter. She's smiling, and looking at the camera. She is wearing a grey, red and white patterned top and glasses.
As the first phase of Accentuate comes to a close, I wanted to highlight Our View Project People, their achievements and what they may be going on to do next. Liz Porter worked on Creative Landscapes...

Rachel Gadsden: Starting Line

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 27/09/2012

‘Starting Line’ has been one of Accentuates finest commissions. A combined performance art, dance, visual art, film and sound extravaganza exploring the history of the Paralympic movement, it...

Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 30/08/2012

Image showing the Olympic Stadium full of athletes at the Opening Ceremony.
Last night I was a volunteer in the 3500 strong cast for the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony. It was a moving ceremony with a strong narrative bringing together science, sport, art and...

Jon Adam’s Look About at Winchester Discovery Museum

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 09/07/2012

purple, red and black digital map by jon Adams
Jon Adam’s Look About project sounds a massive undertaking when you meet the artist and talk to him. Notebook in hand he speaks whilst making geological-style diagrams recording the ‘strata’ of the...

World Stories Gallery

Posted by Sarah Playforth, 09/07/2012

World Stories and Brighton & Hove Museums Access Advisory Group - an example to all My passion and commitment has always been in removing barriers to access for all to all that society has to...

Look About - Stour Valley Arts Gallery

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 14/06/2012

close up of hair grips, pinned inside a display case.
Last week, with Jon Adams, I went to see his current Look About Show at Stour Valley Arts Gallery in Ashford Kent. Travelling down on the train together, we caught up on many things Accentuate, as...

Celebrating London 2012

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 17/05/2012

Jewlry designer Lin Cheung stands behind a transparent lecturn, in a gold top, in front of a blue backdrop which features pictures of the goddess of victory, Nike.
With one of my other ‘hats’ on, recently I was responsible for pulling together the content for an event celebrating the links between the University of the Arts London and London 2012. This resulted...

The Museum of Small Remains

Posted by Kristina Veasey, 03/05/2012

Line of spot-lit wooden boxes with peep holes
The Museum of Small Remains is the multi-sensory art installation created by The Orpheus Centre as part of Campaign! Campaign! Is a project working with young disabled people throughout the South...

What's Stopping You?

Posted by Kristina Veasey, 19/04/2012

What’s stopping you? This was the question posed to me on arrival at The Orpheus Centre on 29th March. Actually, my welcome was far warmer than that, but on introduction to the students, it was the...

Gold Run: Power Passion and the Paralympic Games

Posted by Sarah Playforth, 03/04/2012

On Sunday, my husband and I were completely enthralled and entranced by the performance of Gold Run at Glyndebourne. This performance was so accessible - surtitles and interpreter, visual and audio...

First Impressions - Zoe Partington's Go Public commission

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 21/03/2012

three stills of the inside of a shopping centre and road with the words: the bane of a blind person's life; they get in the way
Zoe Partington launched her Go Public commission ‘First Impressions’ at the New Bucks University on Friday 17 March. Save for Mark Ware’s art film ‘The Dog That Barked Like A Bird’ and Extant’s...

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