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Playground to Podium - my day at Stoke Mandeville

Posted by Sarah Playforth, 08/08/2010

On the last Saturday in July, I spent six hours on trains travelling to and from Stoke Mandeville stadium to observe the Playground to Podium event. I had a programme but had no real idea what I'd...
Thanks Jamie - you sumed up how I feel completly too, brilliant and I dont have to write it all down! Yes - I have had to accept that I am disabled - often or not by other people or society and thats...

Am I Disabled? Am I an Artist?

Posted by Esther Fox, 14/07/2010

Thank you Jamie for a fantastic peice of writing and a really insightful discussion around identity from a personal and engaging perspective. I really enjoyed reading it. All best Esther.

Am I disabled? Am I an artist? Most definitely the former, arguably and intermittently, the latter. As for being a ´disabled artist´; a minefield of assumptions, perceptions and definitions underlie...

Are You Having a Laugh? TV and Disability

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 05/07/2010

As an aside - thought I'd post my review of BBCs latest documentary about the brave new world of disability representation on television. Is it so much better now that we have Andy in Little Britain,...

Creative Landscapes

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 04/07/2010

I have written a 3,200 word report on how Creative Landscapes meets accentuate aims of welcoming disabled and deaf people and of embedding cultural activity by disabled and deaf artists into Hastings...

Hello from Jamie Beddard

Posted by Jamie Beddard, 25/05/2010

Having recently had our Core Group introductory meeting, and begun to understand the magnitude and ambition of Accentuate, I am very excited by the prospects leading up to, and possible legacies...


Posted by Jon Adams, 25/05/2010

An artwork by Jon Adams. A collection of words all ending in ate and sewn together in a long line. Part of an exhibition called collect at the university of portsmouth june 2010
We all accumulate, we all collect, we are all the result of what we gather along the way. For some of us this is a 'rucksac' of rocks we carry on our back, heavy with learnt experiences. We can loose...

Blog from Our View member Jon Adams

Posted by Esther Fox, 24/05/2010

I always said I would be an artist, the ‘obsession’ along with all things ‘dinosaur’ started when I was six. I remember it well as I was having my portrait drawn at the time and felt compelled to...

Good morning 'Our View'

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 20/05/2010

black and white drawing of a man, in the style of the artist, miro
I have had the privilege of working at the heart of the disability arts community over the past 17 years, producing a variety of publications. I currently edit both www.disabilityartsonline.org.uk...

Happy to be on board!

Posted by Kristina Veasey, 17/05/2010

Kristina Veasey profile shot
Hi, my name is Kristina Veasey and I am excited to be a part of the Our View core group. Equality and inclusion are central in my outlook and I hope that both my work and personal experiences will...

deaf culture day

Posted by Sarah Playforth, 16/05/2010

< p>I went to the Deaf Culture day at Hamilton Lodge School in Brighton - stalls included deaf art and physical fitness training and the sussex deaf history website was launched - well worth a...

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