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Moira Swinbank, CEO Legacy Trust UK.

Legacy Medal 1: Accentuate Secures Vote of Confidence from Legacy Trust UK to continue to lead Disability Cultural Activity

Accentuate, is delighted to announce it will continue its groundbreaking work throughout the next year and beyond, leading on disability cultural activity as well as continuing to nurture new ideas. Through this transitional phase it will commission and deliver more projects whilst igniting debate.

Following the successful delivery of its 15 projects in the four years to the London Paralympic Games, Accentuate is delighted to announce it will continue its work throughout the next year. Building on Accentuate’s expertise and on our reputation for forward thinking and for delivering new approaches to disability, a think tank style hub will devise new projects and areas of working whilst igniting debate.  This will involve ensuring disabled people’s voices are heard and disseminated across the globe. 

“Accentuate’s work across the South East over the past four years has been ground breaking and transformative, delivering a wide range of inclusive projects across the region. A track record of developing new and innovative projects such as the Disabled British Open, Driving Inspiration and uScreen demonstrated that Accentuate is in a good position to develop new work and also continue to create interesting and long lasting partnerships. This track record, combined with creative vision and the sustainability of the proposal, was key in Legacy Trust UK’s decision to award Accentuate additional funding from its Transitions Fund for the programme to continue to deliver this fantastic work into 2013 and beyond.” Moira Swinbank OBE, CEO, Legacy Trust UK

Spurred on by the success of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, already acknowledged as the most successful ever in terms of media coverage and attendance, Accentuate will continue to create a cultural shift in the way disability is perceived in society. Over the next twelve months, Accentuate will build upon its successes, creating change on a national and international scale.

In this medal we highlight how Accentuate will lead on debate, in partnership with academics and leading disabled thinkers, exploring creative methodologies and social media to open up access to ideas.  Accentuate has already produced a groundbreaking Sport vs Art publication led by Our View.  The Our View Core Group are also currently working on a series of essays looking at ideas of success, which will be released at the end of the first phase of Accentuate.  It is this level of critiquing ideas that will continue to be developed during 2013 and beyond.

In 2013 one of the projects will be Accentuate Critical Debate.  Accentuate will work in partnership with the University of Brighton to deliver a national symposium.  A range of national academic speakers along with other key disabled thinkers and young disabled people, will take part in a discussion focusing on cultural shift and change. It has always been a key priority for Accentuate to open up access to ideas and debate as widely as possible, therefore we will work in partnership with the highly acclaimed animation company Cognitive Media to share the discussion world wide through YouTube.

The Accentuate programme will continue to be a core part of Screen South.  By investing in and commissioning projects with national potential, Accentuate will continue to act as spring board for new ideas. This will demonstrate that Accentuate’s focus can be up-scaled from regional to national and ultimately international, audiences.   We will be developing two other projects, alongside Accentuate Critical Debate, called Accentuate Young Voices and Accentuate Heritage during the transition year.  We will also be devising new projects and areas of working.  You can find out more information about these projects in our following two Accentuate Legacy Medals to be released over the next few days.  Watch this space..!

Accentuate is the London 2012 Legacy Programme for the South East.  Accentuate has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK, SEEDA and the Regional Cultural Agencies. Screen South is the home of Accentuate.

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