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Disabled One Armed Golf Fightmaster Cup

Press Release        

The above match, known as the FIGHTMASTER CUP, will take place at STIRLING GOLF CLUB in Scotland, from SEPTEMBER 11-13th 2014.

This will be the fourth time the match has been held for the Cup, the score being 2-1 in Europe's, the holders, favour.

The match is always held close to the Ryder Cup both in location and date and follows exactly the format of the Ryder Cup with the teams featuring the very best of one armed golfers from both sides of the Atlantic.

The objective is to publicise that golf, although regarded as a two arm sport, can be played successfully with one arm if a person is unfortunate enough to lose the use of an arm. A golf clinic will also be held for any person only able to use one arm who would like to come along and try one armed golf.

The Society of One-Armed, was founded in 1932. Initially the Society was formed principally for golfers who had lost an arm in the first World War but, over the years, has evolved and now open to golfers who have lost the use of an arm through road or industrial accidents, birth defects or because of neurological reasons.

Society Vice President Peter Priscott said  "Our objective is to provide a level playing field for such golfers and our criteria is that every shot must be played only using one arm and without the aid of prosthetics or other aids.

The loss of an arm or its use is a traumatic experience and the Society has inspired many people to continue as normally as possible with their lives".

The Society holds national competitions every year plus a World Championship which is attended by around 50-70 golfers of all standards from a dozen countries.

The costs of organising the Fightmaster Cup are considerable and if any individual or company would like to sponsor the event donations can be made through PayPal at or by cheque to the address above.

If you would like any further information on the Fightmaster Cup or the Society please contact  Peter Priscott, Vice President, Society of One Armed Golfers on

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