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Philip Colbert sitting down and wearing a mask in front of his exhibition 'Lobsteropolis

Philip Colbert's 'Lobsteropolis' opened up to Robot Tours

Accentuate through it’s work on the D4D project has been exploring ways for telepresence robots to open up access to the arts and culture, particularly during the Covid – 19 pandemic, when many venues have been forced to close.  Esther Fox, Head of Accentuate and a trustee at Hastings Contemporary, and Prof Praminda Caleb-Solly, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, trialled these tours with Hastings Contemporary during the first lockdown.  They were incredibly popular and drew lots of media attention.  So much so that artist Philip Colbert also wanted to try this approach for his current exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

We are very keen to open up Philip Colbert’s exhibition to disabled people, and those with health conditions who are perhaps experiencing prolonged isolation due to shielding.  Please do sign up to the event and share with others in similar positions.

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