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Esther and Emma and Joint Interim CEO of Screen South Sarah Dance

Esther and Emma and Joint Interim CEO of Screen South Sarah Dance

Accentuate News: Issue 2

Directors Blog

We have had a busy few weeks, as we now come to expect, attending events and meetings across the region; ensuring that we are exploring the best ways to promote Accentuate and our projects, as well as how we can make the most of bringing about influence and change. One of the highlights has been the interesting, difficult and exciting task of recruiting another member of the Accentuate team - the Our View Project Manager and we have begun the process of recruiting the Our View Core Members. We are delighted with the diversity of skills and experiences of those who applied. They have also challenged our thinking which is exactly what we hoped for from such a talented bunch of people and look forward to moving forward with a dynamic steering committee. We have also had to prepare ourselves for the slightly less exciting but essential job of year end reporting and finances, so we are looking forward to the next financial year with renewed vigour and we are always excited by our projects and how they are quickly and constantly developing.

In addition to our Accentuate work, Emma has had a chance to continue her passion for horse riding – this photo shows her impressively clearing a jump on her horse Maggie. Although Emma says it is more of a case of her clinging on! Esther has had an opportunity to continue her interest in film by going to a screening at BAFTA of four digital shorts by Deaf and disabled film makers – maybe not an extreme sport but certainly an exciting evening in the big smoke.

In this edition of Accentuate News we are pleased to tell you a little bit more about Camilla Brueton the Our View Projects Manager, feature Go Public which will imminently be announcing their award winners, introduce another Accentuate Ambassador John Williams, the Chair of Tourism South East and keep you up to date with other opportunities and events.

All the best

Emma and Esther

Image - emma_riding.jpg
Emma demonstrating her skills on horse, Maggie

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