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Wednesday 20th January 2016 – Royal School for Deaf Children Margate, Minute Book

Posted by Stephanie Adamou, Wednesday 27th January, 2016

List of admissions RSDC Margate
With the kind permission of John Colyer QC, Chair of Trustees for the John Townsend Trust, Beth Astridge, our Project Archivist and Francesca Lashmar (Project Manager History of Place) were allowed access to the minute book of the RSDC Margate. This book contains the minutes of meetings from the founding of the school in the 1790s. These include meetings at which students were elected to their places at the school. Votes were awarded to those who subscribed set amounts of money to fund the school. The students had to petition for their place and those who didn’t make it through had to go home. You were only allowed 2 attempts. Imagine that.

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