Practical resources for supporting access at your heritage events

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Accentuate Heritage brings together the ideas, energy and learning that has grown over the four years of the Creative Landscapes project, from Hidden Battles, a pilot project in 2008, to the three creative explorations of Fort Brockhurst through to Heritage Open Days in September 2012. Over these four years the project has worked with individuals and heritage groups in Gosport and Hastings & St Leonards to explore low cost, creative and achievable ways of making heritage events, and in particular Heritage Open Days events, more accessible for disabled and deaf audiences.

Running the Creative Landscapes Project taught us many things about how to develop, plan and deliver heritage events that are really accessible to a wide range of people. 

Here you will find a pool of resources that aim to share some of what we have learnt. The guides have all been written by people in Gosport and Hastings & St Leonards who have been involved with delivering accesible and inclusive heritage events on a limited budget. They are designed to be practical and useful. 

Esther Gill (former Accentuate Heritage Project Manager)
and Liz Porter (former Accentuate Disability Adviser)

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