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Room 101

Posted by Kristina Veasey, 21/03/2012

Invited by Dr Hannah Mcpherson at Brighton University, Camilla and I recently attended a lecture by Dr Karen Soldatic, entitled ‘Appointment Time:Disability & Neoliberal Temporalities’. The core...

My CAMPAIGN! posted on behalf of Hillie Thomason

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 27/02/2012

Image shows Hillie being filmed interviewing one of her classmates. You can see the video in the forground. Hillie is holding a large fluffy microphone
We wanted to share what Hillie has been doing as the Our View Rep working on the Accentuate project Campaign! See below for her report and film. Hello my name is Hillie I’m the Our View Student Rep....
This conference raised many issues for me, not least the “commercialization” of the welfare to work industry was laid very bare - though here it was called “professionalization”. It’s clear to me...
At last Saturday's MeCCSa Disability Studies Network event in London, Nick Watson from Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research at Glasgow University , presented findings from research into a shift...

The Creative Case for Diversity

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 15/11/2011

photo of a man with a bald head and a beard
At the end September DAO was commissioned to cover the Arts Council’s decibel performing arts showcase in Manchester. The decibel event is designed to give artists whose work reflects diversity an...

Out and About - Part 2

Posted by Jamie Beddard, 03/11/2011

Rachel Gadsden working with patients at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville.
I was excited by my first ever visit to Stoke Mandeville to observe the first phase of an Accentuate project, as yet unnamed intriguingly. Commissioned by Creative Junction as part of the Create,...

Our View Event - Media Focus

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 27/10/2011

An image of a 1950's tv set, with a wooden surround.
The Our View event in London last week was an opportunity for all of Our View to take part in shaping the legacy of Accentuate. The event had a media focus. With the Paralympics rapidly approaching...

Out and About - Part 1

Posted by Jamie Beddard, 10/10/2011

Hastings, a town of treasures.
As the Our View Core Group, much of our work is advisory and strategic, and can feel detached from the day-to-day activities happening on the ground, under the Accentuate umbrella. Underpinning the...

Leadership, positive role models and sport

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 22/09/2011

Check out Our View Core Group member, Kristina Veasey being interviewed by CJ Lee, Area Performance Centre Head Coach at England Basketball, at the Access to Disability Sport Conference in...

Decibel- the Creative Case for Diversity

Posted by Camilla Brueton, 16/09/2011

Decibel logo image
Our View Core Group member, Colin Hambrook has been up in Manchester this week, covering the Decibel Showcase for Disability Arts Online. Find out what Colin has experienced on DAO...

Driving Inspiration Celebration Day 14 July 2011

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 27/07/2011

driving inspiration banner made by students with artists Caroline Cardus and Rachel Gadsden
On 14th July Mandeville School played host to a massive celebration of the work produced by artists, paralympians and students from all 14 schools who have taken part in Driving Inspiration. The day...

Accessible Carnival!

Posted by Kristina Veasey, 26/07/2011

A sunny Sunday and the perfect day for a carnival! My partner and 3 year old in tow, I headed off to Horsham Park in West Sussex. Horsham Carnival goes by the name of Sparks In the Park and this year...

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