Accentuate launched on this day in 2009

Today is the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities and Accentuate is pleased to celebrate all that has been achieved since our launch.

Legacy Medal 3: Accentuate Will Share New Models of Working with Disabled People, Across the UK and Internationally

Accentuate will continue its work developing and sharing its expertise, particularly around delivering accessible practices, on a national scale in 2013.

Legacy Medal 2: Accentuate Will Continue to Inspire the Next Generation

Accentuate, will pursue its work to inspire the next generation, and is set to reinforce its position as an international leader in providing opportunities for young deaf and disabled people.

Legacy Medal 1: Accentuate Secures Vote of Confidence from Legacy Trust UK to continue to lead Disability Cultural Activity

Accentuate, is delighted to announce it will continue its groundbreaking work throughout the next year and beyond, leading on disability cultural activity as well as continuing to nurture new ideas. Through this transitional phase it will commission and d

Heritage Open Days Exhibition at The Stade Hastings.

Accentuate Medal 7: Accentuate ensures the South East is Accessible and Welcoming to Deaf and disabled visitors

As a result of Accentuate projects, just over 1000 businesses in the South East have increased their skills and knowledge in improving access to venues and events.

Sign Dance members poss for a photo

Accentuate Medal 6: Accentuate Gives Young People a Voice!

In the three years since it was launched, Accentuate has succeeded in giving young Deaf and disabled people a voice and an opportunity to share their opinions through creative thinking.

Jon Adams work as part of upstream

Accentuate Medal 5: Accentuate has influenced the Cultural Olympiad in the South East to showcase more deaf and disabled artists work than in other regions

Since its creation in 2009, Accentuate has worked tirelessly to champion the work of Deaf and disabled artists. We have worked with Arts Council England (funding partner) and the South East London 2012 Creative Programmer Caterina Loriggio, who has been c

Accentuate Medal 4: Accentuate Drives Inspiration in Sharing the Story of the Paralympic Movement with Hundreds of Young People Across the Globe

Accentuate is celebrating the legacy of Stoke Mandeville Hospital by supporting a major new exhibition, which will take place alongside the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Medal 3. Accentuate has brought together disabled artists and athletes in ways that have not been seen before.

Accentuate has worked right across the cultural sector and many of it’s projects, including Driving Inspiration and Starting Line, have enabled disabled athletes and artists to work together.

starting line rehearsal, 4 performers using ribbons to move each other around to create a piece of art.

Accentuate Medal Two: Celebrating the Paralympic Torch and Igniting the potential of the next generation of disabled artists and performers!

Live art + dance + film + hundreds of athletes & young people worldwide + the Paralympic Flame = Starting Line

a male golfer swings his club pivoting on one leg to drive the ball out of a bunker

Medal1. Accentuate Inspires Tomorrow’s Paralympic and Elite Disabled Athletes with World Class Sporting Events

We are entering an historic moment in time; the Paralympic Games are coming home. Accentuate will be celebrating this moment by releasing a set of medals outlining what we have achieved so far and what we still intend to do

Jo Nolan and Damian Collins standing facing forwards giving a speech with the Accentuate banner behind them, in the highly decorative room with wooden panels in the Houses of Parliament

Directors Blog

Reflecting on Accentuate's Key Moments

a graphic images of layers of rock and sand and a measuring table at the side and bottom

Director's Blog

Reflecting on a busy autumn

A mixed group of people chatting informally in a room with glass windows on two sides

Our View

An update from the Our View media focused event

three young men stand in the foreground covered in paint while behind them a woman with her back in this direction is painting an energetic and brightly coloured painting

Featured Project

uScreen and our new Outdoor Commission

Multi-coloured O for Our View logo

Our View

Groundbreaking New Sport/Art Publication

head and shoulders photograph of Paddy Herlihy

Featured Ambassador

Accentuate is pleased to introduce Paddy Herlihy

this is a photograph taken in the dark, with trails of moving white and coloured lights

Directors Blog

Continuing to influence

the Our View logo is a multi-coloured swirl for the O

Our View

The highlights

watercolour painting with ink drawing on top of deep brown tall buildings against a blue sky and a beach

Featured Project

Creative Landscapes: exploring heritage accessibly

Two young women who are wheelchair user's sitting outside on the grass with tent like structures behind

Featured Ambassador

The Our View Core Group

photograph of a golfer swinging a shot out of the sand of a bunker elegantly using his one leg to balance

FYI: Opportunities to get involved

This section is for you to find out more about how you can get involved in Accentuate projects.

Complex black and white illustration

Featured Project

Up-Stream Showcase: Exciting Times

FYI: Opportunities and Jobs

Sync South East and uScreen

head shot of Chris Holmes

Featured Ambassador

Chris Holmes MBE

FYI: Opportunities

This section is a chance to get involved in some Accentuate projects

Kristina wearing sunglasses on a beautiful sunny day, sat in a wheelchair with Bike adaption in the middle of green fields with a young child sat on her lap.

Our View

Influencing working practices

one single bright yellow daffodil head

Directors Blog

Spring is on it’s way, encouraging growth and new shoots of inspiration.

Featured Project and FYI : Opportunities

There is so much going on that we have combined two sections to bring you the news and opportunities that are available with four Accentuate projects. Please look at the Accentuate website for more detailed information.

two young people, one is a wheelchair user, are sat smiling facing a camera on a tripod with the word DANCE on the wall behind them

Our View

We see an interesting mix of impact, activity and future planning.

A group of young people stand with an older man in a suit in front of a bright blue wall with drawings across it

Featured Project

We focus on two projects Realise and Campaign, that particularly provide opportunities for young disabled people to gain expertise and share their thoughts and ideas.

a head and shoulders photograph of a man with dark hair and brown eyes wearing a Jacket and Shirt

Accentuate Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Vidar Hjardeng as an Accentuate Ambassador. Vidar is the Diversity Manager for the ITV News Group and has a wealth of expertise and knowledge within broadcast and media.

Our View logo comprises of the words and swirling letter O

Our View

Developments with Core Group

FYI: Opportunities

This section tells you about all kinds of activity that you might want to get involved in.

Two female dancers standing one in front of each other with one arm behind their back

Directors Blog

Influencing the decision makers

Black and white side profile photograph

Featured Ambassador

Hello again to Dr Tom Shakespeare

Wheels of Glory image taken from the first page of the game

Featured Project

Gaming and Major Events

FYI: Opportunities

How you can get involved

Photographed outside in the courtyard of the church Esther is wearing a white,long, slim dress, with feather shall, bernie is wearing a dark diner suit and bow tie holding two cups of pims.

Directors Blog

Programme Directors Esther and Emma sum up the last two months activity

in the boardroom, a spot lit carpetted room with a large plasma screen at one end, which a group of about 15 people are facing.

Our View

The first big event

Black and White photograph of six young men, smartly dressed in white shirts and dark trousers playing wheelchair polo

Featured Project

Celebrating the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement

Hialry is photographed in a white suite he is holding a baton in mid air conducting

Featured Ambassador: Hilary Davan Wetton

We are delighted to welcome one of Britain's most versatile and dynamic conductors, Hilary Davan Wetton, as an Accentuate Ambassador.

A young person with a brightly coloured feather headress standing next to a laday with her arm around them smiling.

Featured Project: uScreen and Celebrate and Commission

As usual, there is so much happening with Accentuate projects that we will be hearing from two different projects:

FYI: Opportunities and Jobs

An opportunity to work for Arts Council England South East

FYI: Jobs and Opportunities

Project Manager - Outdoor Commission

head and shoulders photgraph of Ann with the Paralympic Torch emblem behind her

Featured Ambassador

Strengthening our connections with the Paralympic Movement

A photograph of David Proud holding a camera and making a thumbs up sign.  He is in an Outdoor location.

Featured Ambassador

We are delighted to have a a variety of interesting and influential Ambassadors who are supportive of the Accentuate programme and in this edition we are pleased to introduce you actor David Proud. Many of you may know him as his EastEnders' character A

Our View

Our View will ensure that deaf and disabled people are at the heart of Accentuate, informing the direction and delivery of the programme. We welcome the Our View Core Advisors to Accentuate and introduce you to this dynamic team.

A photograph of Esther Apleyard holding both the Mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  They are soft toys, about 15cms heigh mainly in blue and white and orange and white.  They have helmet type shapes on their heads and one central eye which represents a camera

Accentuate News: Issue 3

Welcome to the third edition of the Accentuate newsletter. We kick off with the Directors Blog.

New Radio Play for Signdance Collective

Broadcast date: 09/04/10 at 2:15pm on BBC Radio 4 'A Small Piece of Silence' by Katie Hims

Esther and Emma and Joint Interim CEO of Screen South Sarah Dance

Accentuate News: Issue 2

We have had a busy few weeks, as we now come to expect, attending events and meetings across the region; ensuring that we are exploring the best ways to promote Accentuate and our projects...

Camilla Brueton on a beach

Issue 2: Our View

Our View will ensure that deaf and disabled people are at the heart of Accentuate, steering the programme and contributing valuable expertise. We are delighted to welcome to the Accentuate team Camilla Brueton, the new Our View project manager...

Issue 2: Accentuate Website

Please be sure to continue to check the Accentuate website as we endeavour to keep this as up to date as possible with news of events and opportunities. These can be found through the news section and under the appropriate project pages.

John Williams

Issue 2: Featured Ambassador

We are delighted to have been able to garner support and enthusiasm from a number of key people who are now Accentuate Ambassadors. In this edition we are pleased to feature John Williams, the Chair of Tourism South East...

Blue Go Public logo

Issue 2: Project Feature

Each edition of Accentuate News will focus on one particular Accentuate project. This time we are featuring Go Public, Accentuate’s inspiring two year programme supporting disabled and Deaf artists to work in the public realm...

Accentuate News: Issue 1

Welcome to Accentuate News, our new bi-monthly publication that will keep you updated as to what’s happening with the programme, any up and coming events and opportunities.

People at the launch event

1000 day countdown: The Accentuate Launch

Launched at Brighton’s culturally iconic Dome, this was an opportunity for people to find out more about Accentuate and served as a showcase for the talent of the South East.

Our View 

It has always been essential for the success of Accentuate to involve disabled people and their expertise at all levels of the programme.

1000 days graphic showing branches of Accentuate themes

Accentuate Website

The website went live on the same day as the Accentuate launch and is a comprehensive “hub” of information which describes the aims of the programme as well as the individual projects.

Accentuate Ambassadors

We have been delighted to garner support and enthusiasm from a number of key people who will now work as our advocates as Accentuate Ambassadors.

create compete collaborate logo

Featured project

Every young person in the South East has the opportunity to participate in a project with another young person from a competitor country between now and 2012


Golfer at the Disabled British Open 2009 by Steve Bailey

Issue 2: Opportunities and events

This month the Creative Landscapes project seeks a deaf or disabled artist for a community based residency and the Major Events project once again supports the Disabled British Open golf tournament...

Don't forget to check The Blog for news about Accentuate's activities

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